September 26, 2023
how to connect two faucet supply lines

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In the event of how to connect two faucet supply lines that you’re planning to introduce another faucet or replace an old one, you might have to associate two faucet supply lines. This cycle might appear to be overwhelming on the off chance that you’re curious about plumbing, but rather it’s very basic assuming you follow the right advances.

 In this article, we’ll give a bit by bit guide on the most proficient method to interface two faucet supply lines, alongside a few much of the time got clarification on pressing issues and an end.

how to connect two faucet supply lines

Overview of How to Connect Two Faucet Supply Lines

What are faucet supply lines?

faucet supply lines are the lines that interface a how to connect two faucet supply lines. They normally comprise of adaptable cylinders made of twisted hardened steel or built up polymer that are intended to endure high water pressure.

Why do you need to connect two faucet supply lines?

In the event that you’re introducing another faucet with isolated hot and cold handles, you’ll have to associate two stock lines to give water to each deal with. Regardless of whether your new faucet has a solitary handle, you’ll in any case require two stockpile lines in the event that you’re replaceing an old faucet that had separate hot and cold handles

Materials Needed

Before you start interfacing your faucet supply lines, you’ll have to accumulate a couple of materials


You’ll require pincers to eliminate the old faucet and supply lines (if appropriate) and to fix the new stockpile lines to the faucet.


You’ll require a wrench to release and fix the nuts that interface the inventory lines to the water supply.

Teflon tape

Teflon tape is a dainty, white tape that is utilized to seal pipe strings. You’ll require it to fold over the strings of the stockpile line connectors to forestall spills.

Water supply shut-off valve

You’ll have to shut down the water supply to the faucet before you start interfacing the stock lines. The shut-off valve is ordinarily situated under the sink.

Two faucet supply lines

You’ll require two stockpile lines, one for boiling water and one for cold water. Try to quantify the length you want prior to buying the stock lines.

Steps for How to Connect Two Faucet Supply Lines
Turn off the water supply

Find the shut-off valve under the sink and turn it off to stop the water stream..

Remove the old faucet and supply lines (if applicable)

Assuming how to connect two faucet supply lines, use forceps to release and eliminate the nuts that hold the stock lines set up. When the nuts are taken out, you can pull the old faucet and supply lines out of the sink

Install the new faucet and mounting hardware

Adhere to the producer’s directions to introduce the new faucet and mounting equipment. Try to situate the faucet accurately and fix the nuts safely.

Connect the supply lines to the faucet

Take one of the inventory lines and screw it onto the relating water delta on the faucet. Hand fix the nut first, and afterward use pincers to fix it further. Rehash the cycle for the other stock line.

Turn on the water supply

When the stockpile lines are safely associated with the faucet, turn on the water supply valve under the sink. Permit the water to run for a couple of moments to flush out any trash or residue that might have collected in the lines.

Check for leaks

Investigate the associations between the stockpile lines and the faucet for any indications of holes. In the event that you notice any breaks, fix the nuts further and reevaluate for spills. In the event that you actually see spills, you might have to replace the stock lines

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I reuse old supply lines?

 Might I at any point reuse old stock lines?

It’s not prescribed to reuse old stock lines as they might have become consumed or harmed after some time. It’s ideal to buy new inventory lines to guarantee a solid and release free association.

What should I do if the supply lines are too short?

How would it be a good idea for me to respond on the off chance that the inventory lines are excessively short?

Assuming the stockpile lines are excessively short, you can buy expansions to make them longer. Make a point to gauge the length you really want prior to buying the expansions.

Can I connect different types of supply lines?

Could I at any point associate various sorts of supply lines?

It’s not prescribed to blend various kinds of supply lines as they might have different string sizes or be made of various materials. Stick to utilizing a similar sort of supply line for both hot and cold water.


Interfacing how to connect two faucet supply lines  might appear to be threatening, however it’s really a clear cycle as long as you follow the legitimate advances. Try to assemble every one of the important materials before you start, switch off the water supply, introduce the new faucet, and safely associate the stockpile lines to the faucet.

 Continuously check for spills prior to utilizing the faucet, and in the event that you have any worries, feel free to an expert handyman for help. Considering these tips, you’ll have your new faucet ready in a matter of moments!

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